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Can I spill my guts?
It'll actually be more of a regurgitation. Pouring, spilling is a bit dainty for me.
I am sitting in my room, typing on my computer, drinking a miller high life light my roomate handed me about 5 minutes ago.
I am attempting to stop biting my nails, so I got acrylics, which I got frustrated with today and cut, which was entertaining.
Chani and I are becoming more and more serious. Last night was incredible. I've never had such great sex. Honest. But that's all it is...
It freaked me out, and I haven't called her today.
I should, but closeness like that can be hard for me to get used to.
Then there's elevator girl, as I've dubbed her. I am of the opinion that I could never get enough of her. I don't know her name yet. Actually, I don't know a thing about her. But man-oh-man.
I think I might just take a few shots, walk up to her and introduce myself.
But, that'll take another week or so to muster the courage to take the shots.
I can be such a wuss.
And around all this, I have work and class. An interview tomorrow. My brother. My mom. Parties. Friends.
I wish there were 72 hours in a day.
That would be helpful.
I bought a pack of cigarettes.
Shoot me.
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